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Clara's Story

Female farmer

How one farmer improved her cows milk yield with advice from another farmer

Early one morning in Kaptumo village in Kenya, a female farmer called Clara was preparing to milk her two cows, when she saw that one of her cows was struggling to stand up.

The cow had had this problem for the last 3 days, so Clara was worried. The next available person who she could consult was the mobile Artificial Insemination Officer, who was hardly ever available.

At this point she remembered WeFarm. Clara quickly sent an SMS to WeFarm describing her problem and within 10 minutes, one of the WeFarm members replied with a solution by SMS, having had exactly the same problem.

Clara discovered that her cow had a mineral deficiency which was making her bones weak, and was advised that she should feed the cow with feeds rich with calcium and phosphorus. Another farmer also sent Clara an SMS with advice on how to grow hydroponic fodder which could help to substitute minerals in her cow feed, at a cheaper cost.

Clara immediately ordered the feeds with the correct minerals and started to grow hydroponic fodder to keep her cows healthy. Not only did she solve her problem but also learned a new skill in the process.

One week later: Clara is now the proud owner of two healthy cows with better milk production. She sells the milk to the nearby market helping to increase her income as a single parent to 5 children.

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