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Top questions relating to cows


A range of questions from farmers on cows

Q# Which milking Jelly is best for cows?

Daniel Suggested: milking salve, Aremis.
Rodgers suggested: Best for milking is tip top ng'ome.

Q# what types of feeds are best for milking cows?

Blondy suggested: Nappier grass mixed with coach grass added in cow's lick can boost milk production, or alternatively use dairy mill.
Nobert suggested: To increase milk production a farmer has to provide animal with supplements such as salt especially calcium and phosphorus salt and increase dry matter feeds.

Q# Which breed of cow is good for diary?

Sellah suggested: Freshian.

Q# How many kilograms can a normal dairy cow produce?

KIPROTICH suggested: Even 20ltrs of milk if fed with correct nutrients and with dry matters.

Q# How do you know that a cow has concieved?

Japhet suggests: Count 21 days for next estrous circle to be complete.
Peter suggests: You will know by checking the vulva if it has enlarged.

Q# What should I do for a cow to reproduce a year after calfing?

Gabriel suggests: First start by monitoring the estrous/heat cycle for any signs. Second, you have to carry out flushing (provision of a high plane of nutrition around service time). Thirdly, mating is necessary within 12-18 hours when the first signs of heat are observed.

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