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Kepha's story

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A farmers story of using WeFarm for his chickens

Kepha had 52 Chickens...

Kepha lives in Baringo, Kenya and recently his chickens fell sick. After receiving advice on WeFarm about which medicine to use, Kepha managed to save 27 of the 52 chickens that he owned.

Kepha’s chickens are very important to him: not only do they provide eggs for his family to eat, but they also are his primary source of income. Kepha can sell chickens to other farmers or at markets when he has the opportunity to visit one. He also farms vegetables and staples that he and his family can eat, but his chickens allow him to earn a modest living.

Kepha said “It’s a really great service, you ask a question and in less than 10 minutes you have an answer. It has also motivated me in farming knowing that other farmers are out there doing similar things.”

Vaccination schedule for chickens

Day 1-Marek's
Week 2 - Gumboro
Week 3 - Newcastle
Week 6 - Fowl Pox
Week 8 - Fowl Typhoid
Week 19 - deworming.

You can have subsequent Newcastle vaccinations at week 6, 10 and 13 depending on the prevalence of the disease in your area.As they get older, you will use different feeders, but for the first week or two, plastic chick feeders are quite accessible and easy to use and clean.

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